3×3 / 3 Hostel for 3 Cities

LOCATION Florence, Berlin, Prague
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2017
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 8.000 sqm

The proposal for the “3 Hostels for 3 Cities” program aims to influence the future design of hostels in the city of Florence, Berlin and Prague. The outcome is a unique solution, recognizable and versatile at the same time. A strategy capable of promoting an “intelligent” tourism. The founding principle for the composition is the open space, where the furniture becomes the device for way-finding and organisation of the people-flow. The layout of the bedrooms has been studied taking into consideration modular and multifunctional strategies, able to fulfil different functions depending on different user needs. Colours, materials and details convey to the buildings a strong recognizable image. Communal areas, inside and outside of the bedrooms, aim to promote social interaction amongst guests, which is a fundamental characteristic for all hostels.