Extension of Palazzo dei Diamanti - ATIproject

Extension of Palazzo dei Diamanti

LOCATION Ferrara, Italy
YEAR 2017
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 1.500 sqm

The design proposal aims to create a virtuous bond between Palazzo Diamanti and the green area in the background, creating a new entrance from the city. Such dialogue becomes tangible in the new polyfunctional pavilion, a cultural container that serves, at the same time, as a new public entrance to the area. The interaction with the pre-existing building is articulated in three strategies: Geometry, the simple shapes of the new pavilion recall the volumes of the palace; Lightness, the pavilion is an independent and flexible element, its envelope conveys a respectful image that seeks to integrate subtly with the palace; Light, as a description tool through which Palazzo Diamanti is perceived from a new point of view.