“S.Pellico” School Extension - ATIproject

“S.Pellico” School Extension

LOCATION Sona, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019-2020
STATUS Design in progress
DIMENSIONS 2.100 sqm
COLLABORATORS Didonè Comacchio Architects

The expansion project of the ‘’S. Pellico’’ School in Sona starts from the idea of ​​establishing a new dialogue between the school and the territory. The compact-looking volumes are made up of two main masses: the classroom block, in continuity with the existing complex, and the canteen block which, perpendicular to the previous one, orients the entire system towards the entrance garden. The interiors are designed as real spatial devices, flexible and multipurpose, capable of creating the appropriate environmental conditions in relation to the specific needs of users. The architectural organism offers innovative ideas from a technological point of view. The materials used have high energy performance. The east and west fronts are equipped with a ventilated façade which, in addition to characterizing the aesthetics of the work, increases the environmental comfort of the interior spaces. The project summarizes in the simplicity of its geometries the idea of ​​sustainable architecture, open to the territory, in contact with nature and people. A place that finds its sense of being in listening.