Anghiari Homes - ATIproject

Anghiari Homes

LOCATION Anghiari, Italy
TYPOLOGY Residential
YEAR 2019 - 2021
STATUS Under construction

Architecture takes on specific features depending on its surroundings. The course of the land, the typological traditions, the climate are factors that determine the architectural choices, defining the housing experience. With this in mind, the small semi-detached complex in the periphery of Anghiari is born. The small architectural unit consists of a unique volume with double flap, that retrace the local traditions. The functional layout develops on two levels and features a large garden at the ground level, where the front rooms and the living rooms are. The upper levels host the bedrooms and bathrooms. The interiors are warm and welcoming, combining modern lines with a typical rural atmosphere. Architectural and plant choices integrate in a design that is sensitive to its surroundings and that displays high technological performance, making it a Energy Class A4 certified building. An architecture that follows regulations and is coherent in its relations. An example of sustainability within which the landscape is an active and building force of the design process.