Colonia “Vittorio Emanuele”

LOCATION Pisa, Italy
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2008
STATUS Work made
DIMENSIONS 25.000 sqm
CLIENT Edilcentro S.r.l.

Colonia Vittorio Emanuele is a former marine colony a few steps from Tirrenia, reconverted into a place of mixitè for wellness, tourist accommodation and luxury residences. The layout of the complex develops in a semi-circular shape, oriented towards the sea, along which luxury residences and reception areas are placed. At the center, the hall is designed as an architectural kaleidoscope, capable of reflecting the sea within its premises. On the same axis rises the volume that houses the restaurant and multipurpose room. The interiors feature an attentive use of wood that accompanies users room by room. The SPA closes the intervention, here the project dialogues openly with the historical pre-existence, pursuing the elegance of the details and the constant relationship with the surrounding nature.