Grand Hotel Palazzo

LOCATION Livorno, Italy
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2009 – 2012
STATUS Work made
DIMENSIONS 14.000 sqm – 123 rooms
CLIENT Gruppo Bulgarella

The restoration project for the Grand Hotel Palazzo in Livorno is an opportunity for the historical-artistic rediscovery of the Belle Epoque holidays. The building is located behind Terrazza Mascagni, where it rediscovers the Mediterranean ambience thanks to spaces with a warm and elegant palette. The garden recalls the landscape tradition of the early twentieth century, backed by the facades whose rigorous geometry is marked through lighting solutions that enhance the rhythms and registers of its partitions. The room is full of tradition. Here the intervention is oriented towards the recovery of the precious surfaces together with an attentive study of light design, creating a game of reflections with the marble columns and floors. The terrace and the belvedere constitute the main site of the intervention. The latter present a titanium zinc roof, introducing a contemporary touch to the historical recovery of the entire building. The composition of the furnishings along with the choices regarding the finishes, give back a suspended atmosphere, which complements the view and steers the gaze towards the Tuscan archipelago.