“Salvatore Farina” School Complex - ATIproject

“Salvatore Farina” School Complex

LOCATION Ottava, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2017
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 1.600 sqm

The central position of the Civic Center highlights the idea of the gathering hall as an area where public and educational spaces connect. Primary school and nursery are directly connected with the outdoor garden through a system of transparencies that define the elevations. Flexibility and modularity model the indoors, designed to integrate green areas and educational spaces. The use of wood and the choice of colour create a specific ambience for the locations. The same treatment is used on the exterior, where the envelope is featured by a slanted geometrical motif that is aesthetic and functional at the same, providing sun shading. The “Salvatore Farina” School Campus is a space that lives a continuous and sustainable dialogue between social life and educational experience.