Monasteri Golf Resort

LOCATION Siracusa, Italy
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2013
STATUS Work made
DIMENSIONS 7.700 sqm of accomodation / 863.780 sqm of green areas
CLIENT Gruppo Bulgarella

In the heart of neo-baroque Sicily, the Monasteri Golf Resorts are a point of reference in the luxury hospitality network of the territory. The recovery and expansion project involves the historic garrison, characterized by three buildings, formerly agricultural houses. The conversion has given back a rich functional program, consisting of suites, spas, conference rooms, swimming pools, the new villas and the large golf course, a real park that combines the typical rural ambience of the area with the more reflective fragments of this particular sport. The Monasteri Golf Resorts are a historic container of sober elegance and austere simplicity in which nature is both the background and protagonist of the scene, restoring an intimate and always exclusive atmosphere.