Day care Center in Husum - ATIproject

Day care Center in Husum

LOCATION Husum, Germany
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019
STATUS Project completed

The new Day Care Center in Husum is the architectural synthesis for integration and protection. The volumes serve as a filter between the city and the surrounding landscape. The roofing gives movement to the structure and at the same time endeavours to keep a continuous skyline. A visual and bioclimatic strategy at the same time. The tilting of the pitches reduces the incidence of sun rays and creates shading for the elevations facing the interior park. Colour and transparencies are devices for way-finding and modify the relations between interiors and exteriors depending on the activities that take place in the building. The new Day Care Center in Humus is a building with and for the people, where the design of space becomes an instrument of therapy and solidarity.