Vedelago Sud School Complex

LOCATION Vedelago, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2018 - 2020
STATUS Construction completed
DIMENSIONS 3.100 sqm

The evolution of educational and didactic methods demands to rethink the school, introducing themes of modularity, innovation and ouverture. Upon such principles is the new Vedelago Sud School Campus born. The building combines in one solution sustainability and sociality. The treatment of the elevations differs: slim horizontal screens that draw slender shades on the facades on one side; heavy and solid volumes that project deep shades in contrast to the void and transparency of the entrance. The hall is a glass-filter towards the interior garden. The classrooms are designed to exceed regular didactic methods and play with the possibilities of flexible spaces using movable wall partitions, through which they can be rearranged, offering a wider educational experience. Plant efficiency, renewable resources and high-performance envelope make of the new campus a leading example in NZEB education architecture.