Extension to the "A. Trevigi" Middle School - ATIproject

Extension to the “A. Trevigi” Middle School

LOCATION Casale Monferrato, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019-
STATUS Under Construction
DIMENSIONS 1.035 sqm

The extension design for the Cova Adaglio Palace follows a functional approach, where the design criteria derive from the didactic and organisational requirements of the school. The building stands in continuity to the existing historical building and is characterised by modern architectural and technological features. The volume hosting the classrooms is built in X-LAM panels and is equipped with FV panels on the roofing that are needed to satisfy energy consumption needs. The gymnasium is constructed in a wooden framework, completed with a metallic ventilated façade that provides high bioclimatic performance. The flexibility is a key focus in the design proposal: the classrooms are separated through movable wall partitions that can be arranged depending on the user’s need. An extremely careful operation that gives back a true model of sustainability and eco-friendly architecture.