LOCATION Rome, Italy
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2019
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 700,00 sqm Built – 8 ha Park
CONSULTANTS Archistart, LDC Hotels

The concept stems from a careful analysis of the historic Villa York estate. The high artistic value of the pre-existing buildings, together with the landscape value of the entire estate have guided the design towards a hybrid space within which contemporary syntax and typological-formal structure merge into a new architectural substance. The proposed building, flexible and multifunctional at the same time, follows the distinctive characteristics of the rural architecture of the Roman countryside. The volume is presented with external brick details. The elevations are articulated by a regular game of solids and voids, solutions that allow visual permeability and continuity with the surrounding park. The design proposal is completed on the outside by the redesign of the landscape arrangements, whose epicenter is the new bio-lake, a place of hedonism and conviviality.