‘’U. Betti’’ School Complex - ATIproject

‘’U. Betti’’ School Complex

LOCATION Camerino, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019 – 2021
STATUS Design completed
DIMENSIONS 4.700 sqm

The executive project for the reconstruction of the ‘’Ugo Betti’’ Comprehensive Institute in Camerino seeks a new typological-functional system, in which the gym is at the centre of the architectural layout and thus articulates the surrounding volumes hosting the various educational activities. The fundamental objective of the project is the well-being of students and teaching staff. The material solutions adopted in the intervention are all with low environmental impact. At the same time, shapes and colours pursue the psychophysical comfort of the students. The idea is to develop a renewed environmental sensitivity from the very first steps of the educational process, a real cultural layer inherent in future generations. The same principles are applied in the design of the outdoor areas, in which the learning gardens and the sensory garden work as a friction on the social impact, promoting integration and exchange between users of the school campus.