School Center and Urban Redevelopment in Bornato - ATIproject

School Center and Urban Redevelopment in Bornato

LOCATION Bornato, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 2.000 sqm

The concept for the new primary school in Bornato embraces the idea of the school as a “building that educates”, inclusive and sustainable. Thereby, the new campus takes on a double significance: on one side it represents a place for meeting and community, in which the school premises become reception areas; on the other side it becomes a permanent garrison for education here interpreted through the provision of laboratory spaces for extra-curricular training. The context of insertion is strong in symbolic values for the entire citizenry and finds in the redesign of the school complex the opportunity for a new design that harmonizes and preserves iconic characters and urban value over time. The project proposal is built around dialogue and the relationship between the parties. The new green area constitutes a real micro park that gives  access to the school, whose flows are filtered by the presence of the civic centre, a bridge between the community of Bornato and the young users of the complex. The entire organism was created according to environmental sustainability criteria, reducing its impact on the territory and, above all, ensuring the highest levels of indoor comfort. The result is a building that is never repetitive, consistent in its signs and sensitive to the territory in which it settles. Great attention was also paid to the energy efficiency of the architectural machine through the adoption of nZEB-type strategies, that have brought to significant savings from an economical point of view and the achievement of Energy Class A4.