Requalification Fondo i3 – Via Paradisa - ATIproject

Requalification Fondo i3 – Via Paradisa

LOCATION Pisa, Italy
TYPOLOGY Mixed Use - Residential / Commercial
YEAR 2020
STATUS Design Completed
DIMENSIONS 16.900 sqm

Housing policies represent a strategic driving force within contemporary cities. The intervention focuses on the renovation project, that trigger mutual processes leading to a greater cohesion between man and landscape. Within this scenario develops the project for the renovation of the complex in Via Paradisa in Pisa, managed by INVIMIT SGR Spa. The complex is organised into three units which are, at the moment, unable to express the full availability of accommodation potential. The concept aims for an inclusive space. The outside garden represents the hub of the intervention, surrounded by a multifunctional slab that integrates commercial activities and public services. The residential units rising above, follow a simple layout that is thought to complement the geometries and functional qualities of the previous layout. As far as environmental compliance and awareness, the building features green façades, that characterise the building’s aesthetics and maximise the building’s energy performance. A detail that determines a sustainable daily housing experience.