Scuola Zibido San Giacomo

LOCATION Zibido San Giacomo, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019
STATUS Design Completed
DIMENSIONS 3.800 sqm
CONSULTANTS Didonè Comacchio Architects

The new Zibido San Giacomo School Campus is a striking architecture, featuring hard shapes and a dynamic play of shadow and light. The functional layout follows the ministerial guidelines for an innovative education. The multi-functionality of the school premises makes the building an urban and social activator. The flexibility of the educational spaces engages with the children, who are here the focus of an itinerant and open educational process. The architectural volumes mirror this arrangement and compose a system of simple volumes, linked through a double-levelled arcade, recalling the local architectural tradition. The plant and technological layout efficiently fulfils the indoor comfort and wellness standards, giving back an architectural organism that optimises energy use and pursues to achieve the highest environmental sustainability.