Tower Plaza

LOCATION Pisa, Italy
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2009
STATUS Work made
DIMENSIONS 121 rooms
CLIENT Gruppo Bulgarella

Just outside the city walls, the Tower Plaza hotel in Pisa represents a time for Design research in the rewriting of the relationship between man, architecture and the Tuscan countryside. The landscape is a key theme of the intervention. The openings capture the background that slides into the interior thanks to the chromatic layout and material choices. The sober and dry lines of the contemporary approach that shapes the rooms, adds to the strong appearance made of rural references, linked to tradition. These concepts are best portrayed in the hall. Here, the architectural space moves along the edges, expanding in voids and small living rooms, multiplying the opportunities for meeting and interaction. A continuous glass window frames the scenery, a transparent screen from which to admire the historical beauties of the Pisan Middle Ages.