Chinese University of Hong Kong - ATIproject

Chinese University of Hong Kong

LOCATION Shenzen, China
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2019
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 79.000 sqm

The challenge embarked on was to find a dynamic solution that would meet the necessities and issues of a large campus as is the CUHK Campus of Shenzen. Distances, relations and configurations are key features of these type of settlements that extend on a large scale. The design proposal aims to reconnect the campus through three types of urban strategies: an urban spine that connects the whole area while crossing a series of road loops, the adoption of the courtyard as the architectural type to promote inclusion and participation, and the identification of a series of "urban joints", that is spaces for sociality and sharing of knowledge. The result is an urban settlement with strong and dynamic morphologic and architectural features, outcome of the complex system of relations it hosts. The design of the landscape completes the intervention, by confronting architecture and nature in a game of mutual emulation, transforming, quite surprisingly, the image of a university campus into that of an urban park.