ATI Project
ATI Project
ATI Project


A young, motivated and multidisciplinary collective of architects and engineers focused on the specific needs of each individual project

Three hundred and fifty glances,
one vision

Everyone brings their own world and their own vision to the table. The horizon is always the same: to design buildings thought up for the future.

The driving force behind ATI Project has always been the heterogeneous, cohesive, energetic and organised team that distinguishes and characterises the firm.

A numerous, multidisciplinary and collaborative group of professionals, coordinated by a well-structured organisation chart, with different but complementary skills.


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ATI People

Branko Zrnic President

Branko Zrnic

Luca Serri CEO

Luca Serri

Filippo Vallerini Engineer

Filippo Vallerini

Gianluca Grassini Engineer

Gianluca Grassini

Carmine Spina Director Milan Office

Carmine Spina

Annachiara Lamorgese Architect

Annachiara Lamorgese

Luca Lanatà Engineer

Luca Lanatà

Fabio Camberini Architect

Fabio Camberini

Fabio Bonci Engineer

Fabio Bonci

Rachele Ciacchini Engineer

Rachele Ciacchini

Erica Corvino Architect

Erica Corvino

Valerio Bagagli Engineer

Valerio Bagagli

Giuseppe Versace Engineer

Giuseppe Versace

Stanimir Pavlovic Director Belgrade Office

Stanimir Pavlovic

Giulia Carravieri Head of International Business Development

Giulia Carravieri

Jelena Vukcevic Architect

Jelena Vukcevic

Mila Splendiani Architect

Mila Splendiani

Paolo Panesi Engineer

Paolo Panesi

Luciano Mongelli Engineer

Luciano Mongelli

Chiara Porroni Engineer

Chiara Porroni

Carlo Sebastiano Balata Engineer

Carlo Sebastiano Balata

Dario Lorenzetti Engineer

Dario Lorenzetti

Cristina Braccini Engineer

Cristina Braccini

Flavia Senise Engineer

Flavia Senise

Annalisa Rota Architect

Annalisa Rota

Chiara Fugazzotto Architect

Chiara Fugazzotto

Gaia Bellini Engineer

Gaia Bellini

David Maimone Engineer

David Maimone

Lorenzo Boati Architect

Lorenzo Boati

Marco Turni Engineer

Marco Turni

Matteo Puccini Engineer

Matteo Puccini

Salvino Daniele Cardinale Architect

Salvino Daniele Cardinale

Giulia Buffolino Architect

Giulia Buffolino

Enrica Ida Campobasso Architect

Enrica Ida Campobasso

Marco Di Russo Engineer

Marco Di Russo

Giovanni Biscarini Architect

Giovanni Biscarini

Enrica Pirronello Engineer

Enrica Pirronello

Alessandro Scaglione Architect

Alessandro Scaglione

Pietro Palombella Architect

Pietro Palombella

Carlo Alberto Bertolini Engineer

Carlo Alberto Bertolini

Michele Versace Engineer

Michele Versace

Marianna Sgarbanti Architect

Marianna Sgarbanti

Andrea Colombo Architect

Andrea Colombo

Tiziano Seri Engineer

Tiziano Seri

Fabrizio Talocci Engineer

Fabrizio Talocci

Michela Barbanera Architect

Michela Barbanera

Alessandro Pianigiani Engineer

Alessandro Pianigiani

Angela Gerini Engineer

Angela Gerini

Fabio Cappelli Surveyor

Fabio Cappelli

Valentina Perra Architect

Valentina Perra

Stefania Fanelli Engineer

Stefania Fanelli

Mariachiara Rizzi Engineer

Mariachiara Rizzi

Giacomo Marani Engineer

Giacomo Marani

Ana Marija Tosic Architect

Ana Marija Tosic

Milica Vostic Architect

Milica Vostic

Milan Prvulj Architect

Milan Prvulj

Jelena Zaric Architect

Jelena Zaric

Milos Dobrijevic Architect

Milos Dobrijevic

Tijana Milosevic Architect

Tijana Milosevic

Violeta Zivkovic Architect

Violeta Zivkovic

Alessio Lo Vullo Architect

Alessio Lo Vullo

Davide Stefani Engineer

Davide Stefani

Elisa Gregori Engineer

Elisa Gregori

Gaetano Pompilio Architect

Gaetano Pompilio

Giulia Aurelia Urbano Architect

Giulia Aurelia Urbano

Giuseppe Romeo Surveyor

Giuseppe Romeo

Claudia Catena Architect

Claudia Catena

Lucia Meucci Engineer

Lucia Meucci

Prudenzia Urso Architect

Prudenzia Urso

Valeria Giorgi Engineer

Valeria Giorgi

Antonio Di Chiara Engineer

Antonio Di Chiara

Bojana Gluscevic Architect

Bojana Gluscevic

Marko Nikolic Architect

Marko Nikolic

Mattia Giannetti Engineer

Mattia Giannetti

Aurora Capantini Engineer

Aurora Capantini

Martina Valenza Engineer

Martina Valenza

Samuele Barsotti Surveyor

Samuele Barsotti

Dusan Obradovic Architect

Dusan Obradovic

Alice Ferrarese Architect

Alice Ferrarese

Liana Mandradzhieva Architect

Liana Mandradzhieva

Lorenzo Colombo Engineer

Lorenzo Colombo

Lorenzo Pozzi Engineer

Lorenzo Pozzi

Laura Fiengo Engineer

Laura Fiengo

Lorenzo Imparini Engineer

Lorenzo Imparini

Gianni Teani Engineer

Gianni Teani

Rolando Di Lorenzo Engineer

Rolando Di Lorenzo

Michaela Durante Engineer

Michaela Durante

Sara Badii e Ginevra Girondi Administration

Sara Badii e Ginevra Girondi

Federica Armida Bellardita Architect

Federica Armida Bellardita

Sara D'arcangeli Architect

Sara D'arcangeli

Valerio Bazzano Architect

Valerio Bazzano

Chiara Bonomo Engineer

Chiara Bonomo

Silvia Drago Architect

Silvia Drago

Stefano Caminiti Engineer

Stefano Caminiti

Michele Spano Architect

Michele Spano

Prisca Albertini Architect

Prisca Albertini

Cristina Iaccarino Architect

Cristina Iaccarino

Dunja Jelisavcic Architect

Dunja Jelisavcic

Ivana Milikic Architect

Ivana Milikic

Milos Nenadovic Architect

Milos Nenadovic

Claudio Melis Architect

Claudio Melis

Antonella Formato Architect

Antonella Formato

Kristel Barra Architect

Kristel Barra

Paolo Carbonetti Architect

Paolo Carbonetti

Antonio Manuel Esposito Engineer

Antonio Manuel Esposito

Daniele Caldelli Engineer

Daniele Caldelli

Ilaria Mularoni Engineer

Ilaria Mularoni

Federica Vitturini Architect

Federica Vitturini

Milovan Vasovic Engineer

Milovan Vasovic

Ivana Martinovic Engineer

Ivana Martinovic

Evica Van Puymbrouck Architect

Evica Van Puymbrouck

Santo Curcio Architect

Santo Curcio

Alice Varesi Engineer

Alice Varesi

Daniele Franceschini Engineer

Daniele Franceschini

Payam Fahemi Architect

Payam Fahemi

Drago Lalosevic Architect

Drago Lalosevic

Mirjana Maric Architect

Mirjana Maric

Aleksandar Bucalina Engineer

Aleksandar Bucalina

Jelena Popovic Engineer

Jelena Popovic

Stefan Radivojevic Engineer

Stefan Radivojevic

Livia Costantino Architect

Livia Costantino

Marija Milovanovic Architect

Marija  Milovanovic

Milos Pantelic Architect

Milos Pantelic

Ognjen Ilic Engineer

Ognjen Ilic

Tijana Smiljanic Engineer

Tijana Smiljanic

Irene Cotroneo Architect

Irene Cotroneo

Maria Cerella Engineer

Maria Cerella

Milica Stojanovic Administration

Milica Stojanovic

Enza Iadarola Architect

Enza Iadarola

Gianpaolo L'abbate Architect

Gianpaolo L'abbate

Vitale Aniello Architect

Vitale Aniello

Carlo Rotondi Engineer

Carlo Rotondi

Daria Zambito Engineer

Daria Zambito

Michele Sarnataro Engineer

Michele Sarnataro

Andrea Sottile Surveyor

Andrea Sottile

Katarina Petrovic Architect

Katarina Petrovic

Marijana Petrovic Architect

Marijana Petrovic

Aleksandra Zivkovic Architect

Aleksandra Zivkovic

Bojan Radovic Engineer

Bojan Radovic

Dimitrije Tomic Engineer

Dimitrije Tomic

Igor Gasovic Engineer

Igor Gasovic

Lazar Petkovic Engineer

Lazar Petkovic

Mihailo Jelic Engineer

Mihailo Jelic

Sasa Kljajic Engineer

Sasa Kljajic

Slobodan Hristov Engineer

Slobodan Hristov

Carla Nicola Architect

Carla Nicola

Luca Ofria Architect

Luca Ofria

Marta Littera Architect

Marta Littera

Rocco Balzamá Architect

Rocco Balzamá

Benedetta Vero Engineer

Benedetta Vero

Davide Tammone Engineer

Davide Tammone

Francesca Cianca Engineer

Francesca Cianca

Andrea Zunino Architect

Andrea Zunino

Costantina Makridou Architect

Costantina Makridou

Anna Contini Architect

Anna Contini

Camilla Danise Architect

Camilla Danise

Marco Casalena Architect

Marco Casalena

Milena Di Benedetto Engineer

Milena Di Benedetto

Simona Scarnera Architect

Simona Scarnera

Alessio Guastaveglia Engineer

Alessio Guastaveglia

Andrea Previato Lawyer

Andrea Previato

Arianna Fabrizi Engineer

Arianna Fabrizi

Antonino Ferraro Engineer

Antonino Ferraro

Dušan Miljevic Engineer

Dušan  Miljevic

Fabio Cammareri Architect

Fabio Cammareri

Federica Amoddio Architect

Federica Amoddio

Federica Mengoni Architect

Federica Mengoni

Francesca Cantarini Architect

Francesca Cantarini

Giovanni Di Gennaro Engineer

Giovanni Di Gennaro

Luca Della Rosa Architect

Luca Della Rosa

Marco Vivian Engineer

Marco Vivian

Marko Damnjanovic Engineer

Marko Damnjanovic

Rosy Greco Architect

Rosy Greco

Sara Brancati Architect

Sara Brancati

Tiziana Alfieri Engineer

Tiziana Alfieri

Valentina Rigamonti Architect

Valentina Rigamonti

Marko Jovicic Architect

Marko Jovicic

Marko Vuckovic Engineer

Marko Vuckovic

Milos Adamovic Engineer

Milos Adamovic

Michele Fascilla Engineer

Michele Fascilla

Anna Continanza Engineer

Anna Continanza

Alexie Buti Architect

Alexie Buti

Serena Privitera Architect

Serena Privitera

Adele Contestabile Engineer

Adele Contestabile

Federico Bianchi Architect

Federico Bianchi

Giammarco Desantis Engineer

Giammarco Desantis

Maria Grazia Simonelli Architect

Maria Grazia Simonelli

Valerio Renzoni Engineer

Valerio Renzoni

Paolo De Cristofaro Architect

Paolo De Cristofaro

Luis Gabriel Mutti Architect

Luis Gabriel Mutti

Aleksandra Dejanovic Architect

Aleksandra Dejanovic

Alessandra Sorbi Architect

Alessandra Sorbi

Dejan Vujacic Architect

Dejan Vujacic

Jessica Cortazzo Architect

Jessica Cortazzo

Manuela Desiderio Architect

Manuela Desiderio

Maria Grazia Guastaferro Architect

Maria Grazia Guastaferro

Omar Trigilia Architect

Omar Trigilia

Una Korica Architect

Una Korica

Aleksandar Lojanica Engineer

Aleksandar Lojanica

Bogdan Milekic Engineer

Bogdan Milekic

Ivan Jorgacevic Engineer

Ivan Jorgacevic

Miso Amic Engineer

Miso Amic

Marco Sciarra Engineer

Marco Sciarra

Sacha Raffa Engineer

Sacha Raffa

Carmine Basilicata Architect

Carmine Basilicata

Laura Brunetti Architect

Laura Brunetti

Orlando Della Valle Architect

Orlando Della Valle

Michele Diblio Engineer

Michele Diblio

Anna Corsi Architect

Anna Corsi

Andrea Lai Architect

Andrea Lai

Christian Lombardo Engineer

Christian Lombardo

Benedetta Polini Architect

Benedetta Polini

Giulia Rosati Engineer

Giulia Rosati

Erica Scribano Architect

Erica Scribano

Roberto Somma Architect

Roberto Somma

Andrea Scopelliti Architect

Andrea Scopelliti

Alessandro Colaianni Engineer

Alessandro Colaianni

Giovanni Fusco Engineer

Giovanni Fusco

Francesca Biso Architect

Francesca Biso

Jimena Baez Architect

Jimena Baez

Manuela Morabito Architect

Manuela Morabito

Maria Teresa Mollo Architect

Maria Teresa Mollo

Myriam Balestrieri Architect

Myriam Balestrieri

Speranza Angelino Architect

Speranza Angelino

Andrea Mikic Architect

Andrea Mikic

Djordje Janjikopanji Engineer

Djordje Janjikopanji

Ivana Vujovic Architect

Ivana Vujovic

Milos Jovanovic Engineer

Milos Jovanovic

Milos Raonic Architect

Milos Raonic

Spasoje Lucic Architect

Spasoje Lucic

Zlata Stanojevic Architect

Zlata Stanojevic

Danilo Savicevic Architect

Danilo Savicevic

Djordje Valjarevic Architect

Djordje Valjarevic

Dunja Bujanovic Architect

Dunja Bujanovic

Dunja Stefanovic Architect

Dunja Stefanovic

Andrej Miljevic Engineer

Andrej Miljevic

Bozica Savovic Engineer

Bozica Savovic

Emir Becirovic Engineer

Emir Becirovic

Milos Injac Engineer

Milos Injac

Milos Sumenkovic Engineer

Milos Sumenkovic

Luna Lukic Architect

Luna Lukic

Milica Sokolovic Architect

Milica Sokolovic

Radmilo Andjelkovic Architect

Radmilo Andjelkovic

Elisabetta Bezzi Engineer

Elisabetta Bezzi

Pasquale De Vito Engineer

Pasquale De Vito

Luca Gianella Architect

Luca Gianella

George Huzum Architect

George Huzum

Mohseni Fatemeh Architect

Mohseni Fatemeh

Gian Paolo Romanin Engineer

Gian Paolo Romanin

Giorgia Betto Architect

Giorgia Betto

Alessandra Bruno Architect

Alessandra Bruno

Eliseo Domini Architect

Eliseo Domini

Aleksandar Savic Engineer

Aleksandar Savic

Andjela Jankovic Architect

Andjela Jankovic

Bosko Nikolic Engineer

Bosko Nikolic

Branislav Karalic Engineer

Branislav Karalic

Nemanja Pupovac Engineer

Nemanja Pupovac

Tijana Bijelic Engineer

Tijana Bijelic

Mladen Begovic Engineer

Mladen Begovic

Nebojsa Tiosavljevic Engineer

Nebojsa Tiosavljevic

Bojan Ljiljak Engineer

Bojan Ljiljak

Nenad Jovanovic Engineer

Nenad Jovanovic

Vera Sekulic Architect

Vera Sekulic

Miljana Langovic Architect

Miljana Langovic

Helena Stosic Architect

Helena Stosic

David Volarevic Architect

David Volarevic

Rossana De Martino Architect

Rossana De Martino

Ahmed Shamikh Engineer

Ahmed Shamikh

Antonella Rosati Engineer

Antonella Rosati

Federica Giordano Engineer

Federica Giordano

Lucio De Crescenzo Architect

Lucio De Crescenzo

Ludovica Lombardo Engineer

Ludovica Lombardo

Marija Stojkovic Architect

Marija Stojkovic

Zorana Zlatojevic Architect

Zorana Zlatojevic