ATI Project

Corporate responsibility

Being responsible, beyond business

ATI Project‘s corporate culture is built around the themes of sustainability and the spirit of sharing. ATI Project is convinced that the commitment of a company should not be confined exclusively to business-related choices, but should instead be integrated into everyday life and become the representative of a broader and tangential vision, to stimulate good practices of change through small but constant widespread actions.

Planting trees

Planting trees

The initial objective was to plant a tree for each team member. Today, with the “Plant your tree” initiative, ATI Project has contributed to the reforestation with more than 2800 trees of different species planted on more than 2.16 hectares, resulting in more than 875 tonnes of captured CO2.
In Nepal, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and India.

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In summer 2021, together with Legambiente Pisa, the ATI Project team collected 92 kg of waste along the mouth of the Serchio river.
Part of the waste was used in a workshops to raise children’s awareness of recycling. In 2022, 150kg of waste among the green areas of the Coltano Park.

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Distance adoptions

Distance adoptions

ATI Project has set up the “Support a Child” initiative with ActionAid, aimed at making a concrete contribution to 51 little dreamers living in disadvantaged areas of the world.

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Creating value, cultivating values

ATI Project‘s philosophy presupposes the professionalism, ambition and tenacity of those who, every day, make a responsible commitment to building a better future, respecting people, safety and the environment.

Giving substance to its principles, creating a deep link between what it achieves and what it believes in; this is the ethical commitment of ATI Project.


Passion and creativity are the basis of every new project. The secret of continuous improvementIn lies in the ability to find opportunities in difficulties, in every new challenge.


Dialogue and respect are the starting point and, at the same time, the added value of any planning.
Different countries, languages and cultures come together in ATI, to create an inclusive project.


Discussion and mutual support are an integral part of a process of collective and individual growth, enabling each new challenge to be tackled proactively.
The growth of the individual is the goal of the group, the successes of the team are a source of pride for everyone.


For ATI Project, architecture is a tool for influencing places and realities, for creating new aggregations and forms of participation.
The human dimension is the focal point from which every project moves.


Growth is not just a business achievement. It also means making ideas possible. Imagining a different reality is an integral part of how ATI Project interprets its role as designer.


For ATI Project, design means shaping the environment in which we live in, in an environmentally sustainable way and promoting zero-impact building.
Respecting the environment, the local dimension and people.


The philosophy of ATI Project is integrated design. This method consists of bringing together different fields, cultures, disciplines and specialisations.
Many different points of view are the starting point for creating an overall vision.
A strategic combination of form and technology.


The relationships established with long-standing clients, both in Italy and internationally, are the recognition of the professionalism that ATI Project puts into its work.
The quality of services and the building of trust with the client are the starting point for a lasting bond of mutual recognition.


For ATI Project, technology is an opportunity that can be applied in all areas, from research to innovation, from architectural design to safety and plant engineering.
An indispensable tool to give substance to creativity and an integrated approach.