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Fabrizio Talocci

The new actors of Sports Venue Design

From urban sociology to the concept of economic and financial balance: the approach to Sport Venue Design has become multidisciplinary. An emblematic case study of Italian football and the actors involved in the process of professional club asset-building.

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Michele Spano

The new scenarios of hospital design

Today, the traditional idea of a healthcare facility intended exclusively as a caring machine gives way to a new model, capable of redeeming its role in the social fabric and transforming itself into an urban impulse. The hospital thus becomes a real catalyst for human relationships.

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David Maimone

The evolution in workplace design

From cubicle space to open-plan offices, navigating through the advent of new technologies, smart working, safety requirements, and the contemporary need to give voice to differentiable layouts… An analysis of the interpretation of workspace from the last century to today, with an eye on the future.

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