Kindergarten in via Poma
Kindergarten in via Poma

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Kindergarten in via Poma

Kindergarten in via Poma

Fluid spaces and interconnected
volumes. The dimensions of learning

Monfalcone, Italy
2020 - ongoing
Design in progress
720 mq
AR – ST – MEP design


The project of the New Kindergarten in Monfalcone represents the expansion of an educational architectural space towards the definition of new urban meanings. The central courtyard is the heart of this movement, a place of inclusiveness in which nature embraces the didactic and formative experience.

The common spaces develop around it, directing the flows towards the classrooms, the canteen and the staff services. The continuity between internal and external spaces allows the school to open up to the city and integrates the new building into the social fabric of the neighborhood.

The volume encourages this dialogue through a system of excavations and depressions that define the various openings for the achievement of an optimal internal environmental comfort. Colors and materials give a playful aspect to the architectural proposal and define the new image of a didactic and learning landscape of the project.

Kindergarten in via Poma


The design of this place of education is based on its relation with the urban context. The result is a pole of inclusiveness, between education and nature.

Kindergarten in via Poma