Fondo i3 - Piazza Bertarelli - ATIproject

Fondo i3 – Piazza Bertarelli

LOCATION Milan, Italy
TYPOLOGY Mixed Use - Residential / Commercial
YEAR 2020
DIMENSIONS 11.300 sqm

The renewal of the existing heritage is one of the key topics of contemporary architecture, a financial and social strategy through which the historical city re-inherits its own urban catalysts. The restoration intervention for the complex in piazza Bertarelli n.4 in Milan, managed by the Fondo I3 - INPS and by IVIMIT SGR Spa, revolves around this awareness. The design concept blends functional elements and emotional elements in the residential experience. The high base of the building takes on a commercial function. Each unit opens up to the interior courtyards, small covered squares, a place for residents and community to socialise in. The layout of the residential levels has been redesigned in order to obtain residential units of different dimensions, maximising the future real estate offer of the building. The system of the coverings represents a unique opportunity for architectural and technological research. Themed areas, roof gardens that integrate green spaces, areas for relax and wooden seats. The vision is that of a warm and welcoming space. Facing north, a new transparent volume towers the building, granting a scenic view towards the Duomo. The bioclimatic layout completes the proposal. The technological choices and plants work organically with the building. The trees and the green areas minimize the environmental impact of the building and concur to the reduction of the urban heat island. The building in piazza Bertarelli n.4, example of the architectural tradition of the ‘800s in Milan, becomes a living organism, that can feel the city and the men that inhabit it. The building actively participates in the dynamics of the community, starting with the its functional program and in its environmental performance. History and matter meet and blend with technology and contemporaneity, redefining the concept of tradition as the leap towards innovation.