Cesare Battisti Barracks Restoration - ATIproject

Cesare Battisti Barracks Restoration

LOCATION Cuneo, Italy
TYPOLOGY Barracks - Offices
YEAR 2020
STATUS Design in progress
DIMENSIONS 6.400 sqm
COLLABORATORS Dal Corso e Scapin Architetti

The restoration project for the military complex of the Cesare Battisti Barracks is the result of a complex architectural dialogue between the historical relief of the building, the context and the contemporary tendency of the intervention. The design proposal involves the two head pavilions, respectively the Musso pavilion and the Curti pavilion. The layout has been studied to guarantee an adequate level of independence regarding functional use and circulation when arranging the areas open to the public and the operational departments. Particular attention has been given to the enhancement of internal service systems, now implemented to meet future users’ needs. At the heart of the intervention is the study of the facades, where history and innovation come together. The stern and elegant aesthetics of the new facades has been attained through a specific palette of materials and colours that gracefully ties in with the characteristic traits of the umbertine architecture, of which the barracks stand as an example. In this sense, the use of corten for the new additions represents a new layer that overwrites the existing features, without compromising the severe appearance of the facades. The final image is that of an architecture that is strongly linked to its past, yet turns to a contemporary style with the use of simple and detached elements as a reflexion of the new urban role it is intended to take on.