Via Brocchi Elementary School
Via Brocchi Elementary School

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Via Brocchi Elementary School

Via Brocchi Elementary School

Multifunctional spaces and a park full of experiences.
The school goes green

Milan, Italy
2016 - 2017
Under construction
5.900 sqm
AR – ST – MEP design


A school that aims to become a cultural reference point for the city of Milan and at the same time a compass for the school buildings of the future. The project for the elementary school in Via Brocchi uses outdoor spaces as a key design element, with a dual function, taking on the role of an urban park and a strategic distribution element for the volumes. Hence the constant search for balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The indoor spaces are multifunctional and flexible areas; they diversify the educational offer and guarantee access also during extracurricular hours. The school is designed to achieve high energy performance. The use of wood and steel as the structural system contributes to its overall sustainability and allows for shorter construction times.

Via Brocchi Elementary School


The design idea behind the Via Brocchi School is to turn it into a living civic centre, in synergy with its context and contemporary needs of the educational facilities.

Via Brocchi Elementary School