LOCATION Mittenwald, Germany
TYPOLOGY Hospitality
YEAR 2020-21
STATUS Work in progress
DIMENSIONS 13.570 sqm
CLIENT Rizzani Deecher Spa

Comfortable, luxurious and avant-garde, the New Silva Mountain Resort in Mittenvald, classified 4 Stars Superior, is an example of integrated design, where architectural choices have been guided by a significant landscape value and the link between tradition and innovation. The executive design on behalf of the Rizzani de Eccher company displays a design that defies heights and parades itself in a high altitude structure: Traditional lines, combined with relaxing environments, restaurants and spaces reserved for guests, open onto a breathtaking view immersed in the mountains of the German municipality. The Silva Mountain Resort is a surprising element that blends perfectly into the mountains: with wood paneling and large glass openings, it integrates harmoniously with the landscape, creating a relationship of continuity between the outdoor and indoor spaces. Inside the hotel, intimate spaces are followed by spaces of conviviality which, studied in detail, combine comfort and aesthetics, generating a feeling of balance and serenity.