Chiari School Complex
Chiari School Complex
Chiari School Complex

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Chiari School Complex

Chiari School Complex

Physical and mental expansion.
The school becomes
a civic centre

Chiari, Italy
2020 – 2021
Under construction
Extension 9.600 sqm
Renovation 3.535 sqm
AR – ST – MEP design


The project for the expansion of the Chiari school complex is the result of a concerted effort between the administration and citizens, in which the school is elevated to the status of a civic centre for the community. Social inclusion and distributional flexibility are the key directions of the intervention. Learning environments go beyond the concept of the classroom to become places that are changeable and responsive to changing educational needs.

The materiality of the facades seeks to establish a dialogue with the existing installation, to which it is linked by a screen of micro-perforated panels which regulates the amount of sunlight in the teaching rooms and guides the flow towards the entrance colonade.

The enhancement of the outdoor areas concludes the work in a design that promotes meeting and sharing, a dimension in which students and citizenship come together in the Chiari community.

Chiari School Complex


The school is transformed into a space open to community, promoting a logic of exchange and co-participation.

Chiari School Complex