LOCATION Emergent Territories
TYPOLOGY Healthcare
YEAR 2015 - 2020
STATUS Project completed
DIMENSIONS 1000 - 5000 sqm

Modular Polyclinic develops the idea of a standardised system for the construction of low budget modular structures that are highly adaptable. The concept provides a concrete solution for those settings where a complete sanitary system, capable of reaching the whole territory, is missing, making it inadequate to face epidemiological emergencies or environmental disasters. Costs and efficiency, therefore, represent fundamental parameters that require increasingly fast and flexible calculation and prediction procedures. Core element of the design is the 20 feet container. It can be set up with medical equipment or can be used for the transportation of construction elements and later set up as an element for connection and circulation within the aid-district. Six more units can be added to the core one, these come in different dimensions and are combined through an assembly strategy that allows to shape different configurations in response to the users’ needs. Through the assembly of these units it is possible to set up operating clusters, which are repeatable and whose cost, dimensions and quantities are fixed. Not a simple design strategy, indeed an example of humanitarian design that. once again, demonstrates how the simplest technology gives us the tools to rethink complex modern hospital architecture with creativity and extreme practicality.