New Nursery and Primary School in Tannaule - ATIproject

New Nursery and Primary School in Tannaule

LOCATION Olbia, Italy
TYPOLOGY Education
YEAR 2020
STATUS Design in progress
DIMENSIONS 4.280 sqm

The New Nursery and Primary School located in Tannaule, Olbia, is, first of all, the interpretation of a necessary renovation facing school architecture. The project overpasses the obsolete approach that puts the classroom at the centre of the educational process, that is, a vision that fails the educational pursuit of the school organism: instead, it represents a place for growth and continuous education, not only for the youth, but also for the community. This is the philosophy that justifies the design of the new building, an open space, a single and integrated unit. The various macro-areas are arranged around two courtyards, that are the cornerstones of the circulation and places for meeting and sharing. The ordinary classroom is transformed into an organic space, that is activated with the use of a system of mobile partitions and reconfigurable furniture. The technological and plant layout meet the energy needs, giving back a performing building, that provides indoor comfort and wellness for its users. A school that is “listening” cannot avoid to question its own role within the urban context. The volumes recall the features of the local architectural tradition, while they are rewritten within a modern syntax, made of movement and a play of light and shadows. The complex extends to the surrounding landscape through the park, a dimension  in which the city and school building interact and define new urban relations and a new role for the school within the architecture of the city.